HSY Cyber Bully

Go offline and listen to HSY’s new A-side “Cyber Bully”

The Toronto sludge punks take on Internet hooligans.

- Apr 11, 2014

In a perfect world, HSY's new song "Cyber Bully" would soundtrack a Nancy Grace special on soda-crazed Internet teens with six different code words for pot. And one of them is...Obama?! It's that kind of hell descending on our nation's children that the Toronto sludge punks create. "Cyber Bully" begins and ends deathly and tempestuous. Waves of ringing distortion and propulsive bass are all seemingly conjured by the fair, foul, and fair vocals, which start at Section 8 and build to a fully possessed bellow.

HSY's Cyber Bully/Phantasm Blast 7″ is out June 6 via Too Pure/Buzz Records.

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