Douglas Dare Swim

London pianist Douglas Dare debuts electronic-studded new single “Swim”

Hear a track from the London artist's new record Whelm.

- Apr 9, 2014

I saw Douglas Dare open for Nils Frahm last month and he slayed (they both did, actually). Dare's soaring piano-pop compositions were the perfect warm-up for the experimental neo-classical that followed. Absent from the Londoner's performance of "Swim" was the single version's buzzy, Nigel Godrich-style electronics that wrap themselves like a diving bell around Dare's bullish ivories. No comparisons to James Blake here, though – rather than dub and jungle influence, the beeps, drones and crashes have an anonymous, Musique concrète vibe whose stark tones add colour to the piano's plumage.

Douglas Dare's new album Whelm is out May 12 on Erased Tapes; pre-order it here.

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