Antwon sheds “Cold Tears” on new Matrixxman-produced single

The latest track from his new album taps classic Pharrell.

- Apr 9, 2014

Here's something for anyone sharing classic Pharrell joints: "Cold Tears," the latest track from San Jose big belly rude boy Antwon, produced by Matrixxman. It's just as despondent as the neo-hardcore rapper's last track, but with a bitterness that pushes up from the beat's metallic ping and extends to his hypersexual lyrics. There's even a Fatman Scoop style yell throughout, so I'm pretty much in junior high, RIGHT NOW: I like big, stupid jeans. What's Pythagoras? I want to meet Jermaine Dupri. Hey, some things haven't changed!

Antwon's new album Heavy Hearted In Doldrums is out May 6 via UNIF.

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