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tUnE-yArDs waits for her life to change on “Wait For A Minute”

The Nikki Nack track brims with the fear of reaching for your dreams.

- Apr 8, 2014

tUnE-yArDs's new single "Wait For A Minute" and its routine-stricken tone immediately brought me back to another track by a fellow experimental pop artist. But whereas St. Vincent crawled on the ceilings on the back of crunchy digi-chords, Merrill Garbus's new track keeps an anxious pace in plush surroundings, waiting for that last push to do something spectacular ("Why do I spend the soul of my day looking for any way to waste away? / The pain is in the empty time").

The William Onyeabor-style intro melts away into an overcast confluence on Garbus's clown-coloured harmonies and a surprisingly compressed kick, though the distinctive synths and basslines are retained like a stream of sea turtles migrating across a rained out beach. It's a clapping game for one person, sprouting from a reliably joyful source and initially withered in the cold light of day. But there's a chance at blossoming: in the same resigned tone, she casts off a resolution at the end: "Easier to do it than it is to just sit hear and wait." You gotta git up get out.

tUnE-yArDs' new album Nikki Nack is out May 6 via 4ADpre-order it here.
tUnE-yArDs - Wait for a Minute (4AD)

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