Lower Lost Weight Perfect Skin

Lower want to be pretty like the other post-punk bands on “Lost Weight, Perfect Skin”

The Copenhagen band seek to destroy on their new single.

- Apr 3, 2014

Lower's new track "Lost Weight, Perfect Skin" would make a fine addition to the soundtrack for a dark high school satire in the vein of Heathers. Look at me, spitballin' like a real Hollywood big shot! But I'm not. I'm just a mere fan of the Copenhagen band and their newly labyrinthine post-punk, the first track from their upcoming debut record Seek Warmer Climes. They've added some new features to their highly efficient sound, and it'll draw you in like a thresher.

In a press release, frontman Adrian Toubro says:

 "Every song on the record deals in some way with personal development, be it emotional or cosmetic. How to act in different social contexts, and to acclimatize oneself into a given situation without losing face."

Lower's new album Seek Warmer Climes is out June 17 via Matador; pre-order it here.
Lower - "Lost Weight, Perfect Skin"

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