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PREMIERE: Lee Paradise (Daniel Lee of Hooded Fang & Phèdre) unveils driving, minimal “Amoureux”

The restless Toronto songwriter debuts yet another new project.

- Apr 2, 2014

Between Hooded Fang, Phèdre, Tonkapuma, Hut, and the occasional guest appearance, you’d think Daniel Lee would have enough outlets to service his neverending pile of hooks. You’d think so, but the insanely prolific Toronto musician has another project with an album on the way: Lee Paradise. This time Lee has only his restless self to bounce off; it’s as close to a solo project as he’s likely ever to get (even if he’s using a pseudonym).

We’ve got the premiere of his album opener, “Amoureax,” which is a pretty good indicator of where his musical mind is at this millisecond. Or, rather, during a single week in September, 2012, when he recorded the rough versions of the songs. The driving, minimal result sounds like a very stripped down Gravez outtake, or, on first single "Breaker," a little like Dirty Beaches if Alex Zhang Hungtai spent more time listening to pop music instead of staring wistfully out of Eurail windows.

Dan Lee explains in a note to Chart Attack:

“It’s hard sometimes not to jump the gun on changing styles too quickly for one particular project, hence the need to come up with a new name sometimes. I guess I was going for a Silver Apples type of drum sound, but obviously less complicated. I also didn’t want any chords… rather, focus on the repetitive rhythmic play between the drums, bass and key lines. All of the lyrics were composed free-flow, with not much editing.”

Lee Paradise drops his debut album Water Palace Kingdom on April 22. Pre-order at Pleasence and Not Unlike. Catch the launch party April 25 at the Silver Dollar room in Toronto.

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