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Sean Nicholas Savage isn’t very “Heartless” on wounded new song

Montreal's bruised balladeer reveals a new song.

- Apr 1, 2014

Sean Nicholas Savage's music does not lack for presence. The wounded, winsome sound of his velvet-roped bedroom R&B is not as cloying as open book  songwriting, more a reenactment of some strongly charged moment in his life. "Heartless" manages to strip his sound down even further into idle guitar plucking, evanescent vocals and gunky electronic bass, with everything contributing to a sense that this is all unfurling in the moment. "Don’t ask me why I’m singing here / in the kitchen mirror" he muses, more complicated than a simple confession.

Sean Nicholas Savage's new album Bermuda Waterfall is out May 13 via Arbutus; pre-order it here.

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