Swans To Be Kind Album Cover

Swans get funky, still disturbing on “A Little God In My Hands”

Michael Gira's experimental project pulls off a perplexing turn.

- Mar 25, 2014

Michael Gira is a case study in aging gracefully. 2012, the year of the thirtieth anniversary of his experimental group Swans, became a banner thanks to The Seer, an ecstatic death waltz, liberated and unflinching in a way that can only grow from age's wisdom.

Despite the funky, lumbering body that new single "A Little God In My Hands" initially finds itself in – less his previous record's horrifying dischord and more cool dad drunk at kid's birthday – Gira's working with tested methods (and St. Vincent's Annie Clark). He guides the track into a big band supernova, guitar picking gentle and ominous like light blood rain, a dreadful and perplexing orchestra all his own. And it's totally under his command as he drifts between soothsayer snarl and fork-tongued, pot-bellied lothario, triumphantly screaming "What's my name? Oh yeah, oh yeah!" He's got a little God on his hands, and he's wiping the bloodstains off on his bare, sweaty chest.

Swans new album To Be Kind is out May 13 via Michael Gira's own Young God Records.

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