Fucked Up Year Of The Dragon

Fucked Up release marathon new 18-minute zodiac single “Year Of The Dragon”

Probably the most obvious Chinese new year for a hardcore song, but it still rules.

- Mar 25, 2014

Since 2006, Fucked Up have celebrated every Chinese new year with a marathon hardcore track (listen to all five of them here). In my calendar's 2014, it's the "Year Of The Dragon," and though that doesn't necessarily mean we're in for a long spell of total global destruction, the Toronto band aren't interested in anything other than nightmare creatures. The leathery beast's violent mythology is distilled into a punishing, guttural track; Damian Abraham casts his eye over the scorched landscape and breathes an indistinguishable, indiscriminate fire, while around him a new and enchanting vigour courses through a tightly wound mayhem that breathes black smoke and the screams of villagers.

Fucked Up's Year Of The Dragon 12" is out April 21 via Tankcrimes; pre-order it here. Watch them play their B-side cover of "I Wanna Be A Yank" here.
Fucked Up's upcoming LP Glass Boys is out June 3 via Arts & Crafts in Canada and Matador in the US; pre-order it here.

-via Noisey

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