Listen to Merchandise’s contribution to new Record Store Day split, “Figured It Out”

The Florida punk band teams with stoner rockers Destruction Unit and Milk Music for Record Store Day split.

- Mar 24, 2014

When Merchandise first broke, their shadowy punk was buttressed by an indelibly rich background: a cult audience blooming from years of shows, an aversion to indie labels, a website clawing at impenetrability. And maybe it's their recent signing to 4AD, or the influence of the slightly less, er, aesthetically ambitious bands Milk Music and Destruction Unit that make up the upcoming three band split 12" USA '13, but "Figured It Out" is a switch up.

The radio dial turns, and with a flash of classic rock chords, the colour of magic hour is cast over the haunted attic Merchandise's sound used to inhabit. It's enough for a whole new (old) generation's eyes to focus on their still-intact spectral guitar bravado: You've seen your dad figure air guitar to some version of this hook before. And now you will too. Time loops endlessly, like a ceaseless tour wheel, and in some ways that's worth celebrating. Which could explain the track's swelling tone. The band's obfuscation was compelling and urged you to unlock each strand of their mystery, but it's heartening to see that they can hit you in the heartland just as forcefully.

USA '13, the split 12" by Merchandise, Milk Music and Destruction Unit, is out April 19th (Record Store Day) via 540 Records.

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