Deleted Scenes Lithium Burn

Listen: Deleted Scenes shout “fuck the world” on “You Get To Say Whatever You Want”

The new song from Deleted Scenes blasts imperialism and political apathy. Sounds great, too!

- Mar 24, 2014

Aaand here's the comedown. On "Stutter" Deleted Scenes tried to spin some fun from their manic, clown-filled life. There was a singalong lodged in the lunatic congregation of zapping guitars and melting robot vocals. "You Get To Say Whatever You Want" lumbers like it's just woken up from a lost bar fight, bass rattling like a lingering concussion as the entire song, not just the lyrics, are "carrying a sign that says fuck the world." Equally blasting militarized imperialism and the detachment keeping it in power, the track is still not yet a defeated one, guitars choking (not quite choked) with double-barrelled distortion.

Deleted Scenes' new album Lithium Burn is out April 15 via Park The Van/Nevado.

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