William Tyler Lost Colony Album Cover

William Tyler returns with 13-minute space-country journey, “Whole New Dude”

The Lambchop/Silver Jews guitarist is back for another round of ghost town national anthems.

- Mar 20, 2014

Lambchop guitarist and space-country god William Tyler is back for another round of ghost town national anthems with a new 12" out in April. At 13 minutes, "Whole New Dude" turns its streaks of pedal steel and chattering guitar layers into a journey, each second interlocked like highway arterials. Hard as it is to imagine cutting a moment from it, there are definite movements where anyone can jump on like hitchhikers and cast off into Tyler's badlands, a psychedelic orchestra entirely his own dominion.

William Tyler's Lost Colony 12" is out April 29 via Merge; pre-order it here.

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