Three AHs I'm Not Angry Anymore

Listen: Vancouver pop group Thee AHs’ bittersweet breakup tune “I’m Not Angry Anymore”

The universal catharsis of "Whatever, fuck her!"

- Mar 19, 2014

"Whatever. I don't even care. You totally didn't break my heart." We'll say anything to retain a shred of dignity in the torturous last moments of some relationship exploded by a third wheel. But in our best attempts to seem rosy and okay, the mask almost always slides off to reveal our eyes glowing red with vengeance.

Thee AHs, a Vancouver pop group, have a new single "I'm Not Angry Anymore" which pulls back the curtain on being "okay, really, just totally good." The bubblegum harmonies evoke skipping through a candy store, already sugar high on scent alone. Then as the lyrics cram fistfulls from plastic barrel after plastic barrel into your mouth, the bile comes out full flavour. But it's more therapeutic than two-faced, a soothing and self-depreciating affirmation of the power of denial, even when everyone else can see through it. After all, there's truth enough for everyone in shouting "Whatever, fuck her!"

Corey's Coathangers, the new album from Three AHs, it our March 25th via Birdtapes/Jigsaw Records.

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