Tirzah No Romance

Tirzah is through with love on Micachu-produced “No Romance”

Listen to the frowny disco-pop tune here.

- Mar 18, 2014

Tirzah's last EP I'm Not Dancing had four of the coolest bedroom wallflower club bangers you could have heard in 2013. She was "under some giant thumb" in love, life, and its attendant social settings, but along with Mica Levi aka Micachu on production, she emerged triumphant, slumped but never a slouch.

The recipe hasn't changed on "No Romance," the title track from her upcoming EP. As Tirzah names off all the reasons she and everyone else should be glad to be rid of love, a special kind of denial lies implicit within the dour disco-pop tune. That, along with endearing Casio demo button percussion and a strong sense of where and when to structure her own singsong as faulty conscience, helps Tirzah expand the humble instrumentation into multi-dimensional portraiture.

Tirzah's No Romance EP is out April 21 via Greco-Roman.

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