Wye Oak Glory

Listen: Wye Oak tell a tale of magical synth kingdom in “Glory”

Hear another synth-centric track from the Baltimore duo.

- Mar 17, 2014

Wye Oak's last single "The Tower" spotlighted the synthesizer. The instrument's always been a part of the Baltimore duo's patchwork, and considering Jenn Wasner's new glam-synth side project Dungeonesse with Jon Ehrens, it made sense that her new endeavour could bleed into new recordings from her main gig. What wasn't so clear was the extent of the influence, something that probably made fans of the band's folky sounds nervous.

Where "The Tower" had weirdness on top - swaggering guitar licks and swipes of upright bass pounding the same landscape bright chords and orchestra whines skip off - "Glory" is a bit more refined. It snaps into an unfolding fantasy sound similar to Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes, down to the palpitating vocals on the glowing hook. The guitar finds purpose for its drunk purple energy in an acidic breakdown and moves to repudiate "Glory" as complete glossy disco-pop. Whether or not it succeeds likely depends on your affection for the genre.

Wye Oak's new album Shriek is out April 29th via Merge; pre-order it here.

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