The Horrors So Now You Know

Listen: The Horrors tear a hole between this world and the next in “So Now You Know”

Another space shoegaze sermon from their new record Luminous .

- Mar 17, 2014

First we had "I See You," and now The Horrors have dropped "So Now You Know," another space shoegaze sermon with a title like a message traced in lipstick on your bathroom mirror while you were out.

Just when you're seriously considering whether or not your new dog has the dexterity for such a creepy feat, the roof of your apartment tears off to reveal a sucking void, the opposite of matter collapsing our tangible universe into something beyond sight and soul. At least until Faris Badwan extends a tentacle through the nothing, beckoning you like an omniscient self-help coach, his body composed entirely of vintage synths playing supernova hooks. Will you forgive him for fucking up the deposit on your apartment and grasp his slimy protuberance?

Make your choice this May 6, when The Horrors release their new album Luminous via XL, up for pre-order here.

The Horrors - So Now You Know

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