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Listen: Calgary post-punks Viet Cong shoot off “Bunker Buster”

Hear a new demo from the Calgary post-punk band, featuring former members of Women.

- Mar 13, 2014

When a post-punk band names themselves after an army or segments of armies, there's a certain process that goes through one's brain. First there's recognition ("Aw shit, war is a thing that happens"), followed by acknowledgement ("Ugh, why?"). This timeline lingers from the moment you hit play, and colours the result. It's a neat trick.

Calgary post-punk band Viet Cong already carry this sensation in their music by virtue of their name, but it gets oddly specific thanks to the title of their new track "Bunker Buster." Contrary to the militarism conjured by the names, the music within is not churlish, bulldozing guitar noise. The opening chords demonstrate a remarkable tensility that's tested with stacks of anxious shrieks, never snapping completely, even during the protracted krautrock jam session. It rages against an indistinct dread, like it's thrashing around to see the reaper standing just behind its shoulder. No cluster bombs here, it's a more existential fusillade, meaning there's even less hope for shelter.

Read our UNCHARTED interview with Viet Cong here. And read our list of five other bands featuring members of the dear-departed Women.

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