Freddie Gibbs Madlib Real

Freddie Gibbs disses Young Jeezy on the Madlib-produced “Real”

The Gary rappers back on the Jeezy-dissing wagon.

- Mar 12, 2014

The only thing worse than wasted money is wasted time. And wasted water. Wasted food, too. The point is that waste is bad, and contributed to why Freddie Gibbs left Young Jeezy's CTE World soon after being signed, then spent a good portion of his Evil Seeds Grow Naturally throwing shots at Jeezy. And the insults are still huge on "Real," the latest track from Gibbs and Madlib's upcoming project Piñata. Gibbs becomes "The Snowman killer," and though ESGN was unfairly labelled as one note by some, here even his vengeance is a prism. Shades of fury, hurt, rejection, and perhaps even hope for reconciliation all make an appearance in his gruff voice as it spouts mortar shells at Jeezy's rep.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlin's Piñata is out March 18 via Madlib Invazion.

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