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Listen: Bry Webb continues his solo project with “AM Blues” amid Constantines reunion

The ex (and current) punk continues to show off his songwriting chops.

- Mar 7, 2014

In the Constantines’ recent reunion letter, frontman Bry Webb wrote: “I thought I was old when we started the band. Twenty One, facing growing up, and trying to preserve some youth in songs… In a lot of ways, the eleven years that we were active as a band was a suspended adolescence.” The Guelph singer may be reclaiming that adolescence, which had “…too much life...t o only exist in the past,” but he’s continuing the grapple with fatherhood and grown-up responsibility he started on his NPR-friendly 2012 solo album, Provider, with his upcoming sophomore album Free Will and its first single, “AM Blues.”

Webb’s gruff voice, a powerful growl in the beloved Constantines, becomes a weary croon over the countrified shuffle of “Blues,” again showing off his versatility as an ex (and current) punk songwriter as a symphony of guitar feedback creeps in before the final chorus without ever overwhelming it. Listen to the song below, then check out an album trailer directed by Colin Medley. And have a listen to a 50 second preview of the bonus track "Someplace I'm Supposed To Be" on - yup - This American Life.

Bry Webb's new solo album Free Will comes out May 20 on Idée Fixe. Catch the Constantines at Toronto's Field Trip festival on June 7/8.

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