Weaves Do You See Past

Listen: Weaves level with you on melancholic “Do You See Past”

The breakout Toronto band needs a shoulder to cry/dance on.

- Mar 6, 2014

Weaves' new single "Do You See Past" sounds like the breakout Toronto band pulling you away from the lunatic pop of their self-titled EP and levelling with you. They don't remember ever feeling comfortable or happy, and can you help imagine a time when it won't be like that? This is usually when you'd mumble some excuse and skip back to the dancefloor.

But the good news is that, even relatively grounded and melancholic, Weaves' sound is still fun and jaunty. Guitar lines flourish into synth washes that drift up sadly like lost balloons, while a tapping disco beat energizes a song that's never entirely dour, despite imploring us to see past its own problems. You might be brought back to a time when The xx were still interested in making you dance, but the sound of "Do You See Past" is less pressed Armani collars and more chipped nail polish, worn Sketchers and blunt force emotional trauma.

Weaves' self-titled EP is out April 1st via Buzz Records. Read our UNCHARTED profile of the band here.

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