Ariel Pink Phoenix SOS In Bel Air

Possibly pro-death lo-fi genius Ariel Pink remixes Phoenix’s “SOS In Bel Air”

Experimental pop meets Dr. Kevorkian.

- Mar 4, 2014

Say goodbye to that great ass you've spent so much time working on: Ariel Pink's remix of Phoenix's "SOS In Bel Air" is out-of-body in-flight entertainment. We kick off with a plea for Mr. Pink not to kill himself, followed by a thud, perhaps the door to this life, with its unheated offices and packed lunch stealers, being left behind. Is it any wonder, then, that the clouds of fuzzy Nagra tape are more bitter than sweet? That the lovely geeky chorus are like the voices of your dead friends cheering you on as you float further up? No, it's not. Get ready for your soul's passport to get stamped at the Land of Milk and Honey's immigration terminal. Visa expiration date: never.

Phoenix's new album Bankrupt! is out now.

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