You'll Never Get To Heaven Brian Eno

Dream pop duo You’ll Never Get To Heaven cover Brian Eno’s “By This River,” announce new EP

You'll Never Hear A Nicer Dream Pop Brian Eno Cover Today.

- Feb 27, 2014

Brian Eno was famously lyric-averse. His words were texture, not poetry. This sentiment has been passed down to countless dream pop bands, though his motivations may have diffused through time like vocals under pedals of reverb. In covering Eno's "By This River" London, Ontario duo You'll Never Get To Heaven establish a bridge of concrete and steel to that time with a song stacked with layers of vapour. It's more rarefied than anything on their great self-titled debut, pulled through the fog by an orchestra over the reliably affecting loops of bass and keys, tightly bound together while calling out to each other from some impenetrable distance.

You'll Never Get To Heaven's new EP Adorn is out March 11 via Mystic Roses; pre-order it here. Then watch the band perform "You've Got The Sun" at Wavelength Music Festival below the stream.


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