Tokyo Police Club Tunnel Vision

Listen: Tokyo Police Club have “Tunnel Vision,” can’t see the love that’s right in front of them

Their new album Forcefield is out March 25th.

- Feb 26, 2014

You've tried everything to get Tokyo Police Club's attention. You need to take your relationship with the Canadian rock band to the next level. But to them you'll always be the dorky best friend, with your notebooks and overalls and failed suicide attempt. No, wait, they've got "Tunnel Vision!" That must be it! It's the name of the latest PG-rated rockin' good time tune off their new record Forcefield, and also explains why they've just been too focused to say thank you for all the hair dolls.

Tokyo Police Club's new album Forcefield is out March 25h via Mom + Pop/Dine Alone; pre-order it here.

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