Cloud Nothings Psychic Trauma

Hear Cloud Nothings vent on fiery new track “Psychic Trauma”

Hear a new one from the Cleveland rockers.

- Feb 25, 2014

Cloud Nothings' new songĀ "Psychic Trauma" compresses the emotional release of a decade in cool therapy sessions into a single fiery punk song. The lumbering first minute is relatively sedate, but only in terms of speed - Dylan Baldi's scorched vowels and the steady, battering ram beat sound like the rumblings of a forced entry, before the cyclone after cyclone of guitars and yelling that follows. Compared to their last track "I'm Not A Part Of Me," this one's pop-punk primal scream therapy.

Here and Nowhere Else, the new album from Cloud Nothings, is out April 1st via Carpark/Mom + Pop; pre-order it here.

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