Kevin Drew Mexican Aftershow Party

Listen: Kevin Drew’s darkly funny new song “Mexican Aftershow Party”

Darlings is out March 18th.

- Feb 24, 2014

Broken Social Scene are reuniting again for Field Trip 2014, this June 7th - 8th at Fort York  Garrison Common in Toronto. Kevin Drew will perform both with his collective and solo, and you might just hear "Mexican Aftershow Party" during one of those sets.

On the darkly funny new track from Darlings, Drew assumes the role of a character whose instinct for social behaviour is almost as strong as the desire to be seen being social. The song's title promises a distinguishing experience, and is repeated throughout, like it can conjure an identity. The pathetic shards of personality that remain glisten brightly with our sympathy, underneath the thick basslines and repeated Social Scenery swells. The song seems to cycle around a huge vacuum of self at its centre, exposed by Drew and universal to all. The method of repair exposed in "Mexican Aftershow Party" may be soulless and predatory, but ultimately it's more misguided than malicious. And so, the dimpled melancholia that usually underlies Drew's work ascends to tragedy.

Kevin Drew's new album Darlings is out March 18th via Arts & Crafts; pre-order it here.

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