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Listen: Le1f signs to Terrible Records/XL Recordings, releases “Boom” from new EP

It's called Hey.

- Feb 21, 2014

Are you ready for some progressive hip-hop? Maybe you, like me, have been unable to process the brazen racism of Katy Perry and Juicy J's new video. Just hold on till March 11th, when Le1f will release his new EP Hey on Terrible Records/XL Recordings. The rapper/producer promises songs "...that are really personal and honest and deal with serious issues in an accessible way... Not political, but sociopolitical.”

The first of four new songs, "Boom" rides a minimal, dancehall-inspired beat with "LBGT cuties" and "educated black hotties" piled in the Jeep. Haters are addressed and dismissed within practically the same syllable, so it's hard not to get caught up.

Le1f's new EP Hey is out March 11th via Terrible Records/XL Recordings.

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