Weaves Buttercup

Listen: Weaves release “Buttercup,” produced by David Newfeld

The Toronto band want to be in your stereo.

- Feb 19, 2014

Weaves' debut self-titled EP will be out this April on Buzz Records. David Newfeld produced "Buttercup," and it sounds like the Valentine from the weird-but-cute kid you rejected in Grade 8, grown up and totally banging but still strange in the way you totally dig now. All the yelling that never escaped your timid throat, Jasmyn Burke releases with the gusto of a shower session but the range of something far fancier and more public. Next to her, the song stretches itself taut against layer upon layer of unrestrained experimentation: sludgy bass lines, Morgan Waters' freaky guitar licks, a midsong drop-out. No wonder it's opening the EP - it's an instantly convincing rallying cry for a promising new band.

Weaves' self-titled EP is out April 1st via Buzz Records. Read our UNCHARTED interview with the band here.

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