Sean Nicholas Savage Naturally

Listen: Sean Nicholas Savage “Naturally” has a new single

From Bermuda Waterfall, out soon on Arbutus.

- Feb 19, 2014

An actual Bermuda waterfall would probably give you a similar sense of relaxation and oneness that you get from "Naturally," the first track from Sean Nicholas Savage's upcoming album Bermuda Waterfall. Rather than a beloved person, the cabana balladry seems to pay homage to a muse, someone as old as the sun and joyful. Rather than searching for connection in one of the "5 billion zombies," he goes for the type that comes with solitude and a bit of reflection. Or something in that vein, anyway. Like a lot of the prolific Montreal songwriter's tunes, it springs from a love affair like no other.

Sean Nicholas Savage's new album Bermuda Waterfall is out May 13th via Arbutus Records; pre-order it here.

(above photo by Colin Medley)

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