Listen: Halifax rockers Cousins sign to Hand Drawn Dracula, release new single “Mess”

Listen to why you should be paying attention, in one song.

- Feb 18, 2014

I got to see Cousins at Wavelength over the weekend, and they slayed. They've got it all: better, bigger riffs than most, and a look that screams "I've just failed a Rumspringa because I love rock & roll too much, but technically I could still be into Jesus." Now, the Halifax duo have signed to Hand Drawn Dracula, and will release their new album Halls of Wickwire this May.

They played "Mess" during their show, and it cured my cold for approximately 12 minutes. It's a pep talk for taking on the universe that acknowledges its randomness ("There is no recipe, no regard/In this life"). That it's grounded in reality only makes the thick guitar lines that much more heartening, each chord another bullet we've deflected off our chests, with the band fortifying us from within their own hurricane.

Cousins' new album The Halls of Wickwire is out May 13th via Hand Drawn Dracula; pre-order it here.

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