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Listen: Pure X release lovey-dovey new single “Starlight,” sign to Fat Possum

The Austin, Texas indie band release a perfect V-day kissing anthem.

- Feb 14, 2014

Pure X has said that their last album, the great Crawling Up The Stairs, was written with a "U shape " in mind: "There’s kind of a hard descent, and the rest of the record is a slow ascent back up to reality."

The first track from their new album Angel, "Starlight," is within reality and yet outside of it, thanks to love. It's the dazed sound of disbelief that things could be so good. But as with everything Pure X, pain gets its day: it's present beneath the gently lapping guitar lines and retro pop falsettos, a wariness of being hurt again. And so there's a sense of restraint within the ultimate submission to a better and brighter day. The scars of the fall may be just as real as their blooming feelings, but the focus has shifted to a feeling both scary and wonderful.

Pure X's Angel is out April 1st via Fat Possum; pre-order it here.

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