klaxons children of the sun single

Listen: Klaxons return with new, stranger single “Children of the Sun”

The rocking ravers return to loud, inscrutable noises.

- Feb 10, 2014

Were you a little let down by "There Is No Other Time," the comeback single from Klaxons? It did feel a bit like the new rave chieftains were grasping too humourlessly to thwonking electronic tropes from the early '90s. By comparison, "Children Of The Sun" - produced by Tom Rowland of The Chemical Brothers - is unclenched and vibrant with heretical playfulness.

We enter with a few cycles of warm-up noise and Jamie Reynolds' billowing yet resolute vocals, the two components which define and distinguish the track. The bouncy chants of happy mining dwarves, compulsive drum loop and infinitely ascending progression all seize, but what elevates the song is how it plays with gnarled red alert screeching and psychedelic choirboys, two contrasting facets of the same bizarre communion.

The long-promised third album from Klaxons is out this summer. The double A-side single "Children of the Sun/There Is No Other Way" is out March 23rd.

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