colourmusic dreamgirl '82

Listen: Colourmusic try to save the world with noisy new rager “Dreamgirl ’82”

The sound of inevitable alien conquest, via Oklahoma.

- Feb 6, 2014

Oklahoma psych-noise group Colourmusic will release their new album May You Marry Rich on March 24th. Just as well, then, that "Dreamgirl '82” kicks off with a blockbuster movie trailer's yawning roar as its foundation, a massive and undulating shockwave unsettling the anxious guitar lines on top with each pass. It's bisected in the middle by the intimated drop into a war zone, and it's full of the same kaleidoscopic imaging normally conducive to a spiritual awakening, here made more sinister. You can hear the ships flooding the darkening horizon like locusts, and in your bones you just know Will Smith's getting ready to save the earth once again.

Colourmusic's new album May You Marry Rich is out March 24th via Memphis Industries; pre-order it here.

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