Eternal Summers Gouge

Listen: Eternal Summers transcend dream pop with “Gouge”

The not-quite dream pop band are back.

- Feb 5, 2014

No matter how badly some bands want, subgenres like shoegaze and dream pop aren't masks, but balls of clay waiting for sculptors. Groups who forget that tend to give us lumpy ashtrays, but Eternal Summers have already proved their talents with sophomore LP Correct Behavior. We'll get a follow-up on March 4th in The Drop Beneath, out on Kanine.

Nicole Yun's lyrics make first single "Gouge" poppy, fragrant and gentle on its surface but with a devastating self-destruction hidden inside. Like the emotions, the C86 influence is played fast and widescreen, with the phased guitars a panorama of sunsets as viewed from an imploding terrain.

Eternal Summers' new album The Drop Beneath is out March 4th via Kanine; pre-order it here

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