Doomsquad Waka Waka

Digits and Doomsquad team up for “Sin Delays” and Doomsquad shares new video for “Waka Waka”

A summit of Toronto's post-punk moonchildren.

- Feb 5, 2014
Photo: Laura-Lynn Petrick

This past summer while completing a beachside residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island, Alt Altman (a.k.a. Digits) invited his friends Allie, Jaclyn and Trevour Blumas (a.k.a. Doomsquad) and Dan Miller (Valerie Dour) to come over, with a single goal in mind (beyond getting a wicked tan): record a song in one day. That’s a serious summit of Toronto’s electro post-punk moonchildren, but Altman was still skeptical that it would amount to anything. He writes in an email to Chart Attack:

“We totally planned to record a song in a day, but had no idea if it would be releasable. They came with a drum loop they liked, but we built the rest of the song from scratch that day. It was so interesting working with them. They wrote the lyrics on the beach after we had made most of the instrumental track, and then recorded them in one take. That one take seemed perfect to me so we didn't record any additional takes.”

Have a listen to that trance-inducing tune, "Sin Delays," below:

But if that’s not enough dark new age for you, Doomsquad also have a video for the latest single from their upcoming debut LP Kalaboogie. “Waka Waka” lulls you in with a couple characteristic minutes of ominous build before pulling the trigger on a surprisingly upbeat psych rhythm. But call the onscreen toll-free number, 1-844-666-hell, and they’re right back to script:

“Hello earth child,” a mystical (bordering on caricaturistic) voice tells you. “You have arrived at the altar of all things,” (which we’ve already learned is Toronto Island), “or at least the teleportal that will help transport you,” via a secret code to download yet another piece of drifting ambience, “Waka Binaural.”

Doomsquad - Waka Waka

Digits' Shake Your Body Down mixtape is out February 18. Pre-order from Pleasance. Doomsquad's Kalaboogie is out February 25 on Hand Drawn Dracula.
Digits' release party is February 28 at Toronto's Encore Studios. Doomsquad's release party is February 27 in Toronto at the Comfort Zone. Digits and Doomsquad also play the following dates together:
Feb 22: Montreal, PQ - New Drones Club
Feb 23: Kingston, ON - Artel

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