Chad VanGaalan Where Are You Single

Listen to Chad VanGaalen’s new single “Where Are You?,” from upcoming LP Shrink Dust

Hear a new track from Alberta's preeminent experimentalist.

- Feb 3, 2014

Chad VanGaalen will release his new album Shrink Dust on April 29 in Canada through Flemish Eye (Sub Pop in in the U.S.). Now, you can hear his new track "Where Are You?," a sputtering psychedelic transmission from a hungry void. Round and round it swirls in a cycle of frayed circuitry and stark, monstrous rhythm sections, like The Creature from the Black Lagoon just stepped behind a drum kit. It's the atmosphere, hopeless and stained something permanent, that sets it apart from other distorted lo-fi efforts: with each verse the Calgary weirdo is an astronaut detached and drifting towards Venus. He occasionally sounds detached, until that godawful wail on the hook, the sound of him swimming hopelessly towards home.

Chad VanGaalen's new album Shrink Dust is out April 29 through Flemish Eye/Sub Pop; pre-order it here.

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