Bart Davenport Dust In The Circuits

Bart Davenport releases new single “Dust In The Circuits,” makes you feel awful with jangle pop prettiness

Flowery melodies on a bed of (not literal) human shit.

- Feb 3, 2014

For years Bart Davenport has been doling out the goods for those of us who mourn The Smiths and still really like Morrissey until he's in the news again calling for the liberation of sea polyps. “Dust In The Circuits” is a blooming flowerbed on a earthy foundation of other people's manure; the jangling guitars chain together sweet melodies whose bittersweetness only becomes apparent when Davenport's new romantic croon kicks in with lines like “And just when you find what you've been dreaming of/there will be dust in the circuits of love.”

Bart Davenport's Physical World is out March 4th via Burger Records/Lovemonk.

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