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Listen: Wye Oak abandon their guitars for “The Tower,” announce new album, Shriek

Underrated guitar hero Jenn Wasner drops the guitar for elegant new spiral-synth tune.

- Jan 29, 2014

Wye Oak’s last album, Civilian, was a well-played, well-constructed, well-conceptualized suite of folk-rock that was, well, kind of underwhelming. Anyone who’d seen the Baltimore duo live could tell there was a lot more depth than their good-but-not-mindblowing recorded output suggested, and much of that had to do with frontwoman Jenn Wasner’s hazardously underrated guitar prowess.

So it’s surprising to see the first single from their new album, Shriek, takes a step towards a more unique sound by abandoning the guitar altogether, instead focusing on an elegant, spiral-synth sound more reminiscent of their (at the time) uncharacteristic Adult Swim one-off, "Spiral.” Good or bad, this should be a head-turning album that will hopefully raise Wye Oak beyond their perpetual “great albums you might have missed” status.

Wye Oak's fourth full-length album, Shriek, will be out April 29 via Merge. Pre-order here.
Wye Oak - The Tower

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