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Listen: Cloud Nothings debut new single “I’m Not Part Of Me,” announce “more positive” new album

The Cleveland band want to make your heart explode, again, for the first time.

- Jan 27, 2014

Out-of-body experiences are bullshit. But Cloud Nothings are experts at a different kind of disassociation, the one best articulated through pop-punk guitars and lots of scratchy-throated pleadings. So goes “I'm Not Part Of Me,” a return to the Cleveland band's habitation of duelling emotional states, separated from a concrete core of feeling through lines like “I'm not telling you all I'm going through.” But that's the tune's key strength: the emotional squalor or jubilation is coloured by what you bring to the song. Regardless of where your head's at, though, each second is primed to make your heart explode, no matter what fills it.

Cloud Nothings' "more positive and less 'fuck everything'" (in the words of frontman Dylan Baldi) new album Here And Nowhere Else is out April 1st via Carpark and Mom + Pop; pre-order it here.

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