Have A Nice Life

Listen: Connecticut shoegaze band Have A Nice Life’s punishing new song, “Burial Society”

From their new album The Unnatural World, out February 4th.

- Jan 22, 2014

Connecticut shoegazers Have A Nice Life will release The Unnatural World, the follow-up to the beloved Deathconsciousness on February 4th. I hesitated writing “shoegazers” just now, because their sound is far beyond the endless ream of My Bloody Valentine imitators. “Burial Society” seems to emanate from some massive sinkhole. It's heavy with the despair of death metal but its punishment is more gradual, a monolith of degenerative effects approaching from a great distance.

Have A Nice Life's The Unnatural World is out February 4th via Flenser/Enemies List; pre-order it here

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