Listen: Mac DeMarco deals with fame on new single “Passing Out Pieces”

Your favourite indie rock rascal is sick with fame.

- Jan 21, 2014

Mac DeMarco, divine dollar store Mozart, is once more flirting with regality, only this time it's on his new single  “Passing Out Pieces,” (which was not one of the new songs he played on the radio awhile ago).

As it kicks off, you're struck by the brass in the left channel and harpsichord billowing away on the right, putting the tattered conscience of Mac's lyrics and signature guitar noodling at the centre of a new and grand procession. His struggle with fame is laid bare: The hangers-on have congregated (“Seems that every time that I turn, I'm passing out pieces of me”), as well as an awareness he may be changing for the worse. If Mac were uncomfortable with nudity, you could say it had an “Emperor's New Clothes” kind of anxiety.

The charm is there and the sound has progressed, and that could be due to this new exhaustion. To fight what's draining him, he's retreating to music, and treating his indie rock crown like a Burger King knock-off.

Mac DeMarco's new album, Salad Days, is out April 1st on Captured Tracks. Pre-order here. Watch Mac perform “Ode To Viceroy” in our living room, or see him discuss the infamous drumstick vid as well as his construction job nickname on Conversations (it was “Lil' Bitch")

Watch a promo video for Salad Days:

Mac Demarco // NEW ALBUM "Salad Days" Promo

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