Listen: Toronto synth project Digits readies new mixtape with “Lost Dream (Jeremy Greenspan Mix)”

Synth pop that's both sexed up and lonely as hell.

- Jan 21, 2014

Digits' new song "Lost Dream" exudes the melancholy of its title, while tossing rose petals over the dance floor with Alt Altman's gasping vocals breaking through the gathering synthstorm. Or, it whispers in the ear of a painful memory while a keyboard and drum machine perform a mating dance. Either one. The track was mixed by Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys (and Jessy Lanza's new musical accomplice), and can be found on Digits' upcoming Shake Your Body Down mixtape, out February 18th.

The full tracklist, which features remixes of Majical Cloudz and Pick a Piper, as well as a collaboration with Doomsquad, is below the song stream.

1. Digits - Shake Your Body Down
2. Digits - Lost Dream (Jeremy Greenspan Mix)
3. Digits - What You Got
4. Digits - Keeping Secrets (Remix)
5. Digits - Do You Feel It?
6. Doomsquad & Digits - Sin Delays
7. Bad Passion - Fuck on the Moon
8. Digits - Blood on the Disco Floor
9. Digits - Sarah (Pick a Piper Remix)
10. Bad Passion - Danger Bone
11. Majical Cloudz - What That Was (Digits Remix)
12. Digits - Shake Your Body Down (Summer Version)

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