Youth Lagoon has “Worms” for outer space song series, The Space Project

Trevor Powers blasts off.

- Jan 20, 2014

How do we reconcile our own meaning inside the infinite context of space with our inability to effectively traverse it? Fuck a Virgin Galactic. It's music. Lefse Records has assembled The Space Project which gave 14 artists sounds captured from the cosmos to use as material for new songs. Youth Lagoon's contribution is “Worms.”

Even though the glitchy quacks that open on the track's left channel are the audible solar frequencies, the entire thing sounds like Trevor Powers taking the curtains of celestial flair that covered Youth Lagoon's Wondrous Bughouse and placing them way, way out of Earth's orbit. The overall effect is the perspective of a lovesick astronomer, never fully able to explore his passion (“I could be an astronaut if Earth let go of me”) but aware of all the universes that exist on the blue marble.

The Space Project is out soon via Lefse Records.

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