Listen to The Soft Moon's gothic new single, “Feel”

Post-punk's eternal glumlord dances himself dirty.

- Jan 20, 2014

The Soft Moon has what most post-punk acts crave: distinction. Luis Vasquez's sound is both revelation and excavation, a witch's brew of innovative rhythms and banshee crooning, along with old favourites like despairing guttural bass and cutting synths, refreshed with a dedication that screams “gothic” more than the now-pejorative “goth.”

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“Feel” is his new self-released single, marked like keloid scars with lines like “I feel so empty inside / why are we alive?” What could easily be mistaken for impatient whinings of a fourteen year old with an official The Crow journal is elevated by the surrounding sonic black mass, and into the lofty place existential despair can still occupy, despite its current state of mass-production. Then his breathy pleas become vital, substantive, and impossible to ignore.

Buy The Soft Moon's “Feel” and B-side “Hunger” on Bandcamp, out now.

THE SOFT MOON - Feel (Official Audio)


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