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Listen: Toronto post-punk duo Ice Cream introduce themselves on debut track “Science”

The Toronto post-punk project/robots drop their first tune.

- Jan 16, 2014

The FroYo of other post-punk bands is out and Ice Cream is in. The Toronto duo of Amanda Crist (Huckleberry Friends) and Carlyn Bezic (Blonde Elvis) boots up its system with “Science,” a track steeped in Prinzhorn Dance School minimalism and sci-fi synths, with the entire track shrink-wrapped in a monotone that's as two dimensional as a pixel even when it's approximating warm human harmonies. Could be the theme music of robots from '50s sci-fi music, or even your own if you have the (metal) heart for it.

We asked the girls to introduce themselves and their song. They ran our request through their circuits and obliged:

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Ice Cream is two friends, forced together by the Rock Gods, to create a new and evolving dialed-in form of molecular pop.

Science is loosely about the discomfort of being observed as an object, but also the desire to be inhuman, machine-like, or emotionless. Its open to interpretation.

Science was recorded with Ben Cook and Anthony Nemet through a special machine called the Chimp Box.

No records are planned as of yet, but "Science" isn't our only recorded song. It is, however, your only recorded song by Ice Cream. Watch the internet for more.

If you have any further questions please contact our third and silent member, Veronica. You can find her in a window display near you.

Stay cool,

Ice Cream

Ice Cream play the closing night of Opportunity Café at Toronto's Oz Studios, tonight (Thursday, January 16). Here's the Facebook event page.


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