Listen to Swedish dream pop group School’s new song “Clouds Aside”

Swedish dream pop. Dream away.

- Jan 16, 2014

First we heard “SoLong,” fairy-bright pop beating with the pace of a jilted heart. School's second song “Clouds Aside” has the Swedish group slipping into a similar groove to what Cocteau Twins hit so well. It's totally trenchant in the REM sleep dreaminess of its soaring peaks and rolling valleys, but here it's made upbeat with the iconic hollow gong of early post-punk basslines.

That enveloping sensation of calm resonates with Felix the bass player. He says it “...feels like when a really great day is coming to an end. [Like] that bittersweet feeling [in knowing] that you can't put your arms around a memory.”

Expect more songs from School soon, just not an album: “For the moment we are releasing singles digitally. We really enjoy just recording songs in our rehearsal room, mixing them ourselves and releasing them when they're done. We want to minimize the distance between writing a song and letting others hear it as much as possible.”

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