Listen: Each Other’s new single “Send Your Signals” totally does SO compute

The Montreal groups dork out on a tense, garage-y tune.

- Jan 15, 2014

Each Other's new single “Send Your Signals” comes in with the tight, creased corners of a good suit, like the ones the Montreal rockers of both music and the stock market are wearing above. But instead of channelling the guy yelling into his brick cellphone from his limo's sunroof, there's a barely repressed anxiety and hyper-ventilating pace to the art-garage track. Then the coda kicks in, a balmy bit of psychedelia that pours a new context on the track and gives some bending room to the rigid melodies, a bit like human bodies running a computer algorithm.
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Each Other's Being Elastic drops March 4th on Lefse Records. Pre-order here. Read our UNCHARTED interview with the band from a couple of years ago.

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