Listen: Primitive Parts’ new single “Open Heads” is not about devouring brains, unless it is

A punk supergroup teases a new A/A side single.

- Jan 14, 2014

Primitive Parts is a new punk project assembled from Sauna Youth's Lindsay Corstorphine and Kevin Hendrick and Robin Christian of Male Bonding. They debuted in 2013 (listen to “Another Night” here) and finally there's a new single “Open Heads.” It's mush-mouthed and spirited with open-palm slapped guitars and psychedelic mini-solos. I don't think it's about that scene from Hannibal where Lecter eats Ray Liotta's brains. But maybe keep an eye out for any dodgy Craigslist ads from these guys.

SEXBEAT will release Primitive Parts' A/A single “Open Heads/Signals” on February 10th. Pre-order here.

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