Listen: Dum Dum Girls release new single “Rimbaud Eyes,” French poets to finally see a Renaissance

Dangerous, deadly love makes formidable indie pop subject matter.

- Jan 14, 2014

You were interning at a gallery, s/he was reviewing the opening's hors d'oeuvres in a chat show format for a performance. An affair begins. A sense of danger surrounds him/her, racking you with both intoxication and jealousy. The whole thing's in constant peril of sliding through your fingers. Passion becomes anguish. (“Was my Netflix choice stupid? Should I have lied and said I've tried opium?”) It's actually an old story.

“Rimbaud Eyes,” the new single from Dum Dum Girls, takes its name from Arthur Rimbaud, a French teenage poet who drove his companion Paul Verlaine to attempted homicide. Likewise, the gothic mall pop song is written from an obsessed and tormented perspective. It's all adoration on the glossy hook then plunges deep into the tempest of a one-sided relationship, mournful yet totally ensnared in its web. But the cheerful and propulsive mood seems to suggest that the Girls still have stars in their eyes instead of blood on their hands. The exiting halcyon days are still relatively clear, and good for one last confused love song.

Surface When Your Ex Want You Back Zippy

Dum Dum Girls'  Too True is out January 29th via Sub Pop.


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