Listen: Liars release “Mess On A Mission,” reveal details of new album, Mess

The art-punk act gear up for a new album.

- Jan 13, 2014

After spending their last LP orbiting the charred remains of some bleak planet codenamed WIXIW, Liars are re-entering Earth's atmosphere on their frantic new single “Mess On A Mission,” taken from the upcoming Mess out March 25th on Mute. Frontman Angus Andrew gave the album some background in a statement:

“We are a reactionary, or maybe a better word is schizophrenic band. We go from one extreme to the other. Working on the last record was really doubtful and paranoid, and that’s fine, but it just meant that when work started on this one, it was the exact opposite. It was way more instinctual, fun and confident.”

Still, it is 2014, so there's no shortage of anxiety in the song. The phrase “facts are facts and fiction's fiction” returns with the high-pitched wail of the hook, the words parroted in monotone like a glitching government spokes-cyborg. There may be ambiguities in the mood, but the art-punk track's nucleus forms around stacks of haunted circuitry and an instinctually groovy kick-snare-kick-snare beat with snapping flourishes. Liars proved on the last record that they aren't afraid to lose themselves within gravely depressing sounds. On “Mess On A Mission,” they progress into having fun with them.

Pre-order Liars' Mess here. It will be released on March 25th via Mute on CD, LP and limited edition vinyl (details coming soon).

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