Coachella 2014 lineup

PLAYLIST: 25 songs to Coax you to Coachella 2014

25 songs that speak louder than social media insta-snark.

- Jan 9, 2014

Coachella just announced its 2014 lineup, April 11-13 and April 18-20 (that's it, above), and, like every year, social media captures the insta-reaction:

1) "Outkast are reuniting? This is the single greatest moment in the history of civilization."

2) "Muse are headlining? Pack it in everybody, music is over."

3) "meh"

Rather than express an opinion somewhere between getting buried under an avalanche of favs and RTs that read, more or less, exactly as we've outlined above, we thought we'd take a more productive tack and let the music do the talking. Because as much as you want to rag on the biggest weekend (or rather two weekends) of the summer festival season, if you're going to brave the California desert heat in April for a sweaty Danny DeVito elbow-rubbing, stale port-a-potty pissing overload of dance tents, $8 Buds and stars & stripes headbands, it'll be for something that transcends snark: that one, arms-in-the-air, forget-where-you-are moment of finally hearing your favourite song played live alongside tens of thousands of other fans.

Or, in this case, the 25 of those moments. We took the 25 songs most likely to outweigh the many very good reasons for staying home from Coachella 2014 and compiled them into an Rdio playlist: The Replacements, Arcade Fire, Beck, Neutral Milk Hotel, Disclosure and lots more. Listen below and then tell us what you really think.

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